Everything you need to know about mywifiext setup using online method

If you are struggling with problems in your wireless network, a mywifiext wireless range extender is certainly a perfect match for you. With a mywifiext range extender, you can get rid of all sorts of connection related problems such as low coverage and dead zones.

However, once you purchase a mywifiext wireless range extender, you need to configure it first. Fortunately, mywifiext extenders provide you a very easy method to set up your extender with ease. Therefore, let us have a look at mywifiext setup using online method in this article.

  1. Foremost of all, you need to turn on your wireless range extender. To turn on your extender, you will require a power adapter and a power outlet near your wireless router. Connect the power adapter to the extender and plug it into a stable source of power. Make sure that there is no damage in the wires.
  2. Once you have connected the extender to a power source, you need to locate the power button on the body of your extender. After locating, just press it for a couple of seconds and then release it. Make sure that there's a solid green light on the extender's panel that indicates it has been successfully turned on.
  3. Now, you need to connect your extender to the router. For this, you can use an ethernet cable. Connect one end of the ethernet cable to the router and the other end to the extender.
  4. In order to continue with mywifiext setup using online method, you’ll need a computer or a smartphone with a browser application installed. So, turn on your computer or smartphone and open the wireless network manager in it.
  5. In the wireless network manager, search for the available networks. As soon as you find the network named "Netgear extender setup", click on it and hit the connect button. If it asks for a password, just enter the one you use for your router.
  6. Now, launch a browser application and make sure that it is up to date. In your browser, head over the address bar located at the top. In the address bar, enter the web address www.mywifiext.net and hit the enter key on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can also copy-paste the URL and click on the go button on the right of the address bar.
  7. Once the webpage loads, it will ask you for your username and password. You can find both the credentials at the bottom of your extender. So, make sure you have physical access to your wireless range extender.
  8. Note down the credentials and enter them into the website and hit the login button. After you have successfully logged in, you will be able to see a page with a button that says “start setup. Just click on this button to begin the process of online setup.
  9. Lastly, follow the instructions that you get on your screen and finish the setup.

And that’s how you can do mywifiext setup using online method. So, go ahead and start using your extender right now.

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